It’s 1am and my head won’t stop

I know this tends to be a trend with others but I hate waking up in the middle of the night with racing thoughts, only to open my laptop, turn on the TV, open a book, or read a magazine article. My head wont stop thinking of what could be, what has been, and what might be. It’s a tough feeling to explain. I couldn’t stop thinking about a conversation i had with one of my best friends just a few hours ago.

It is such a curse to not be able to turn off my thoughts. I have tried literally everything but at the end of the day, it turns out the same.

This whole crypto-mining exploration has been a great distraction. I have learned a lot about the cryptocurrency market, and how to play it to my advantage.

I got to see one of my very close friends last night. She is one of those friends where I don’t get to see that often, but when I do, its either insightful, or always a good time. She said some things to me that hit hard and close to home. Either way, now I can’t stop thinking or let go of stupid basic shit.


Maybe writing this blog helps me, maybe it adds to the problem. This is anxiety, this is depression, this is bi-polar, this is me.


Crypto rig part deux! (Mostly pics)

In the process of this ‘rebuild,’ one night I was trying to figure out different software settings and when I looked down, my CPU was idling at 98C degrees. After further inspection, I found the culprit. The heatsink has so much dust caked and cooked in the aluminum fins it was gross.

That project required me to pull the motherboard from the case, and disassemble the CPU mount and stock intel heatsink bracket. Somehow in the process i shorted 2 DIMM slots of memory. Oops. Its a 5 year old motherboard that need to be replaced anyway with a more “mining appropriate” board. Right now im using one of those PCIE riser cards that splits the PCIE into 2 different busses so you can use 2 different GPU’s. I know thats not the ‘correct’ or recommended way but it works for now. Here is the setup now mining ETH on nicehash.
20171110_001555 (1)


She may not be pretty, but its still a work in progress.

Focusing on XMR(CryptoNight) since the payout rate is still crazy high at 343 BTC/GH:
Screenshot 2017-11-10 01.56.14

Screenshot 2017-11-10 01.36.49

All while keeping the temps nice and chill 😎

Cryptocurrency mining, my experiment, and what could be the future

Edit: Check out part 2 for more pics

As some of you know, recently I have indulged in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. For those reading who don’t know what crypto is, think Bitcoin. If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Bitcoin, check out the youtube video at the end of this blog post (don’t worry its short and to the point so you shouldn’t be too bored 🙃 ).

So in the most basic terms possible, its internet money. For years bitcoin hasn’t been profitable to mine unless you are a big “farm” with multiple rigs networked together to make a super-computer, or a ‘farm’ or ASIC miners (basically machines designed to mine bitcoin that tend to be expensive to purchase, and expensive to run). That all changed with the release of Ethereum, and how quickly it took off. It de-centralized the market (again, kind of) and brought mining power back to the home ‘user.’ Over the course of the last year, different algorithms have been used in blockchain technologies to create a new market of cryptocurrencies known as ‘alt-coins.’ This essentially launched the crypto market into a real economy. Its stability is a hot debate topic amongst the tope economists and technologists in the world.

Asleep yet?

So I decided to get involved. My funds are very limited, so this is a slow experiment for now. This is what I call Prototype phase 1:

This is an old gaming PC I built with my AT&T ‘fuck you’ money in 2012 when I quit. Specs:
– 3rd Generation Intel i5-2400
– ASRock z77 Extreme4 Mothboard
– (Started with) 12GB DDR3 (i think PC-3200 but i could be off) which became 8GB after i managed to short out 2 memory DIMM’s
– Thermaltake 730 watt PSU
– 4 PCI-E 16x to 4x power risers
– 3 ATI RX 570’s (2 MSI Armor’s, 1 XFX OC Gaming) (only 1 MSI and the XFX pictured above)
– EDIT: There was a 4th card, a GTX 1050ti i originally chose since it drew almost nothing for power, however the hashing power wasn’t worth what i paid, so i will be replacing it with a bigger ‘heavy-hitter’ soon

I have an old intel 120gb SSD for storage.

Its certainly not pretty, nor is it complete (need a new PSU and motherboard, along with my final GPU). It basically just a torn apart PC with wires all over the place.

Right now I’m mining on Nicehash using their algorithm switcher. Average daily profit:
Screenshot 2017-11-09 23.49.29

Still have lot to fine tune and complete!

EDIT 2: Some asked what my hash rates per card are: (i can play with tuning and get better but this is average)
Screenshot 2017-11-10 00.05.44


Back Bay Parking…

Well quick update: I was T-Boned in the brand new Jeep in Lawerence and it was such a hard impact, the Jeep was totaled. I was not at fault, deductibles being waived, no added points. Anyways…

I have since bought a new 2017 Jetta GLI. Absolutely love my new car. With winter rearing its head, it’s time to consider parking options at work. So far i can park on Dartmouth St or Arlington st for $140/mo which for those who know Boston, is quite cheap. Just as a comparison I searched open parking spots in the back bay on craigslist. HOLY S#!T! $395/mo? Wow.

I have decided to approach this with my boss in a tax write-off. He fronts my parking cost, deducts from my check, and writes it off on his taxes. Win/win right? Well we shall see…


Well folks, I think its time to keep up with the times, and change formats…

I know I haven’t written in a bit, but I have been stressed beyond believe the past week weeks between looking for a new job in an area I don’t know that well, a narcissistic boss who has been making life absolute hell, and every sign in the world I need to get my ass in gear and get south. I know i have been pausing and going back and forth for a month or 2, but recent events have solidified my choice of leaving. I need to go.

The reason I am writing this is because I am (unfortunately) a millennial by birth-age (however I will never identify as that)  so I need to keep up. Blogging is becoming a thing of yesteryear, and now everyone “goes live” or records them selves.

You will see me “live” more often via facebook (fuck that periscope BS) but Al of my videos  will be posted here. So My Blog just became a Vlog. Hope you enjoy my ugly mug of a face 😉

Check out my new VLOG section!

“New Year, New Me” Is Such Bullshit, But Change Is Necessary

We are about to close out possibly the worst year of my 28 years in existence. Details aren’t necessary, it seems pretty universal everywhere. I mean being a kid that grew up in the early 90’s, we lost some amazing pop icons.

Whatever I’ve been doing doesn’t seem to be producing positive results. Is it fate, or is it because I executed everything so poorly? I mean the year wasn’t a total loss. I’m finally driving a decent car which I love and took multiple road trips this summer, I have a job that allows me the flexibility to travel and call my own hours, even over the past 12 days have ended on a high note with some close friends reminding me that there’s more out there, I just need to look at things different.

So we come upon 2017 in a few days, and I have no idea what this year will bring. I can say that I’m still going to be the same asshole I was before, but 2017 is the year of change. It is time to make some big changes in my life, some which are certainly overdue. I know some of the changes I am making will surprise a lot of my friends, ad I’m sure I will lose touch with some because when someone changes a life style, they tend to disconnect from those that don’t change. I am only changing for myself, not for those around me.

I had 2 weekends this whole year that I truly enjoyed and can say I was actually truly happy. One of those weekends just passed us and it got me to thinking. Actually it got me thinking so much, It’s all I have thought about since.

Maybe moving to VA isn’t the greatest idea right now, and maybe I should reconsider relocating and where. I saw an old friend this weekend who reminded me to follow my heart and my passion. I don’t have true passion to move to VA, it’s just easy. It’s time to stop going for easy and maybe take a bigger risk.

So this new year, I will be changing in a positive direction with changes in my lifestyle. However that doesn’t change who I am. I’m still me, and I always will be, love me or hate me.

The fear of change, and the fear of staying the same

Recently I decided MA wasn’t the state for me and it was that point in my life the relocation was the only answer. This whole process is moving quicker then i could imagine. Now I feel nervous and depressed. Yes, I want to leave, but I am starting over new. I know in my heart its time to leave. I have no friends around here anymore, and I want something new.

However as an introvert it scares the shit out of me. I hate meeting new people, and get terrified in the most basic situations. I’m also scared shitless to move. I don’t know if this is a good thing or the worst thing in the world for me.

I am also fearful that if I stay, bad habits will repeat themselves. The fact I’m scared, feel alone, and have no one to look to anymore is a recipe for a disastrous relapse, and that is the absolute lat thing I want. But if I feel is close and interment, is there power to stop?

I haven’t felt like this since February. And i hate that I do…

iOS vs. Android (and why Apple is winning)

I was talking to an old friend today, and after reading a few news articles I noticed Samsung is recalling an entire product line due to battery overheating issues. I earlier posted about my brief encounter with Samsung, and even though it wasn’t one of the affected products, it was too hot to touch by the time I brought it to the store. My friend (who started at AT&T a month after I did, making him a 9 year veteran) showed his manager who couldn’t believe it either and actually moved it to a place where it could cool, and cause minimal collateral damage if it did decide to go up in flames. I digress…

Android is a great operating system. I personally love the functionality that you get out of the box, and as a tech nerd, the possibilities behind what you can do with a few simple lines of code and some research. Android has one major problem; Google doesn’t use devices engineered by the same company that designed the hardware. Yes, Google markets ‘their own vanilla phone’ but the hardware is always contracted the hardware portion, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and LG.

Apple is the same company engineering the hardware that is developing the operating system to run on that hardware. Sure, it has taken Apple a few years to perfect iOS in ways  that Android has had for a couple of years, but look at the market-share  at over 40% and their track record that Apple has kept consistent since the original iPhone launch (which wasn’t even 3G). They design and market their products from start to finish, they stand behind them, and they just work.

I have owned every single generation of iPhone since the initial release in June of 2007. I also worked for AT&T who kept exclusive rights to only sell the iPhone for a few years (again marketing geniuses). I have owned a handful of Android phones over the years and they all end up having poor battery life, instability, and “clunky” feeling. However I had an HTC phone that supported LTE in 2010 which was 2 years before Apple launched the iPhone 5, the first LTE banded iPhone. So yes, they are late to the game, but they still hold over 40% of the market currently.

The iPhone just works. They have had their quirks through the years, and I have definitely had issues with a few iPhone’s with major issues, but 95% of the time you can walk into an Apple store (schedule an appointment if you want), tell them whats going on, and unless its been run over by a lawnmower or  gone swimming, they typically will fix it for you within an hour, and you’re good to go with a perfectly working phone again.

After having worked retail at Circuit City, and a few personal experiences, I typically don’t think extended warranties are worth the money. Apple care is a bit different. I only say that because they stand behind all of their products. I dropped my phone in a lake, dried it out, and brought it to Apple. The phone was 18 months old, and I walked out with a new(ish) phone without having spent a dime.

My iPhone 6S is great (aside from the cracked screen). I walked into Apple simply to see what the repair cost was, and was told I bought the phone 10.4.2015 and was technically out of my warranty (I didn’t get the Apple care protection), but if I schedule an appointment they would replace it for free. I had a case, I had one of those fancy glass screen protectors, but still managed to crack the screen. I cannot wait for my 7 plus to arrive (in another 5-6 weeks). After the S7 edge, I like the bigger style phone.