Crypto rig part deux! (Mostly pics)

In the process of this ‘rebuild,’ one night I was trying to figure out different software settings and when I looked down, my CPU was idling at 98C degrees. After further inspection, I found the culprit. The heatsink has so much dust caked and cooked in the aluminum fins it was gross.

That project required me to pull the motherboard from the case, and disassemble the CPU mount and stock intel heatsink bracket. Somehow in the process i shorted 2 DIMM slots of memory. Oops. Its a 5 year old motherboard that need to be replaced anyway with a more “mining appropriate” board. Right now im using one of those PCIE riser cards that splits the PCIE into 2 different busses so you can use 2 different GPU’s. I know thats not the ‘correct’ or recommended way but it works for now. Here is the setup now mining ETH on nicehash.
20171110_001555 (1)


She may not be pretty, but its still a work in progress.

Focusing on XMR(CryptoNight) since the payout rate is still crazy high at 343 BTC/GH:
Screenshot 2017-11-10 01.56.14

Screenshot 2017-11-10 01.36.49

All while keeping the temps nice and chill 😎


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