The Confessions of an Uber Driver

Well, it has been quite interesting my first coupe weeks driving for Uber. Some people will literally tell you everything, their life story, and what the meaning of life is. Others can be stuck up and even when trying to be friendly and just make small talk, they respond with “Can we just get there without the chat?” But for the most part the people of Boston are cool.

What I find interesting is how much different some people treat you knowing your a local versus those that don’t think you know your way around because your using Waze to find their destination. There is a reason most drivers use Waze; traffic! Boston’s traffic patterns are more unpredictable then New England weather. I digress…

I have received a lot of comments on the fuzzy dice I have hinging in the mirror. Truth is they have sentimental value and have been in every car I have ever owned and given to me by a close friend when I just got my license.

I have also gotten some weird requests with directions, and drop off locations. What most people seem to forget is Uber is similar to a taxi service. You pay a base fare, and for distance and time. A ride from Stuart St (cross Arlington St) to the seaport hotel is only a 1.5 mile ride, but in Friday rush hour traffic will take 40-45 minutes. The rider was really nice and it was 12 degrees outside but it was a $31 ride for me (which means she paid like $36)

Not a bad part-time second job. Love being able to just do it whenever. Just watch out for the 10 million potholes…


Crypto-taking over the world! (Internet rich?)

It all started with a huge research project for work. Who knew it would turn into a hobby of this magnitude. It was just a few months ago (September 2017) that I was dipping my toes in the water to see how it felt. I have built myself a nice little income machine. I know its crazy to think that in the 3 months I have been doing this, most cryptocurrencies have doubled, and others tripled. The price (or I should say initial investment) of equipment, both ASIC mining machines and mining rig GPU components are now at a serious demand. Prices have doubled on most things (be careful who you purchase from) required to mine.

When I first got into the game, someone offered me their used ASIC Antminer for $1700. At the time I thought it was a ripoff since you could go buy a new one (or so I thought) for $2300. Just to use actual numbers, An Antminer S9 is rated for 12.5 TH/s (T stands for theta, as in a lot) and uses 1200w of power. At the time in October, it would have made about $18-$22 in Bitcoin daily. This is when Bitcoin was still selling for $4-5k. Then the spike happened in December around the time NiceHash was hacked. Bitcoin hit $19k literally over night. People became “internet rich” overnight. Now that same S9 would make around $35/day and I would have already had my return of investment back (originally figured about 70 days of mining time) and letting a computer bring me Bitcoin daily.

In today’s age with YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, It is becoming more common that people become famous stars overnight. I guess this is the next progressive step in our millennial driven world. Now its the “new age stock market” with a lot more risk, but the potential for a killer reward.

My initial investment was the price of 3 GPU’s (graphic/video cards) and a lot of time to learn the business and market. Crazy to think how 3 cards would turn into a hobby that is now paying over $10/day due to the influx of investors.


This evening I was helping a friend tune his monster rig and I finally hit a milestone (for mining anyway). I got his rig to run a flat 200 MH/s mining ETH. It was not easy, but now I have done it for myself as well as others. [Yes that’s a shameless plug on my own blog, for myself] 200 mhs_LI

If you or someone you know wants to get in on this, its not too late and still very profitable. I am willing to help as a consultant plan, build, set-up, and fine tune your mining rig.

I don’t expect Bitcoin to take over the $USD but it has the potential to alter our capitalistic society.

EDIT: Here is a screenshot of my buddies rig pulling $30 per day (or .00201 Bitcoin)